My name is Alex and my services include:

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Specialist
Graphics Operator / Show Operator
Content Producer / Coordinator
Graphic Designer

I am located in Raleigh, NC but travel often all over the US and internationally. have over eight years of design experience, with five years of hands on experience in pre-production, production, corporate and live events.

I have designed, edited & formatted numerous Powerpoint & Keynote presentations for a variety of clients! Including: YOUTUBE | IPSEN | GOOGLE | HEINEKEN WORLDWIDE | ETHICON | VOLKSWAGEN | BOSTON SCIENTIFIC | LOREAL PARIS | MAYBELLINE NY | PAWFLEX INC | COTY BEAUTY | IBM | DELL | BANK OF AMERICA | PFIZER | ASTRAZENECA | NOVO NORDISK | NOVARTIS | VEITH | GUCCI | CHANEL | CONDE NAST | PURDUE | SANOFI | ANA Law and Many more fantastic clients!

I have also worked as a Digital assets manager & Social media admin.

I am flexible and am looking to travel more this coming year! Please send me a message at and I will be happy to get started on your next project!
Thank you for reaching out! I'll be sure to connect soon.
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